Hydro jetting is a method used to clean clogged drain lines. It is done by sending water at a high pressure of about 35000 psi through pipes to remove any blockages. This technique is done by professionals that have experience in hydro jetting. It has many advantages over other methods of cleaning drain lines.

Efficient Drain Cleaning

Hydro jetting gets rid of dirt, sand, silt, and scale that clogs the pipes. After hydro jetting, the pipes are very clean and free from blockage. The level of pressure used will remove all debris and even emulsifies grease.

Long-Lasting Results

Once you use a hydro jetting service, it will take time before the pipes clog again. Other methods of drain clearing require consistent maintenance.

Cost Effective

In the long run, hydro jetting is usually cheaper than other methods of clearing drain lines. Since different methods must be performed more frequently, the overall cost is generally higher than that of hydro jetting.

Environmentally Friendly Service

The process of hydro jetting is an eco-friendly way to clean clogged pipes. The cleaning efficiency of hydro jetting ensures that there is no need for chemicals or harmful clearing methods. Using the hydro jetting method will also ensure that your neighbors have no complaints about smell or contamination.

Less Risk of Damage

Some methods used to clear drain lines involve opening pipes and cleaning them. It is risky to do this as the pipes can break. It might be difficult and costly to repair the pipes if that happens. Hydro jetting is less risky, and the pipes cannot be damaged at all.

Sanitation and Health

The health of anyone who is doing the unclogging is essential. Hydro jetting, unlike other methods of sanitation, ensures that one does not contact the dirt or debris. This makes it safer for the one cleaning the drain systems.


Professionals who do hydro jetting are trusted to get the job done effectively and efficiently. Always hire professionals who have a good reputation for unclogging drains. If your pipes clog often, hire a professional that will solve your issue and provide long-lasting results.

Getting Rid of Bad Odor

Hydro jetting gets rid of bacteria that causes bad odor. It helps keep pipes smelling clean and will result in fewer complaints. It also helps to prevent any health issues that can arise from the bacteria and bad smell.

Prevents Future Clogging

If your pipes have bacteria or lingering dirt that can cause clogging in the future, then you need to hydro jet. Hydro jetting eliminates build up that can cause future clogging. It is a preventive measure and is a good idea if you are remodeling or moving to a new house.

The Many Uses of Hydro Jetting

Hydro jetting can be used in both residential homes and commercial places. Any type of clogged drain can be remedied through the process of hydro jetting.

Professional Hydro Jetting Services

Hydro jetting is the most effective method for unclogging pipes. It requires a professional, but it will solve all major issues of clogging. This technique can be used for residential buildings and commercial places alike. When drain systems need cleaning, hydro jetting will solve your problems. Call Mega Rooter for all your plumbing and drain needs at 619-480-0466 today!