The cause of drain problems and clogs can often be attributed to what you flush or put down your drains. Doing so will eventually cause drainage problems and clogs and require you to call a drain cleaning plumber for drain cleaning services.

1. Oil and Grease

Any type of cooking oil, animal fat, or grease should not get poured down the drain. As soon as it hits cold water, it will congeal and thicken.

2. Kitty Litter

Any type of cat litter, even the so-called flushable types, should not be flushed in toilets. It will become clay-like and stick to the inside of the pipes.

3. Flour

Flour clumps and becomes like wallpaper paste when exposed to water and can cause clogs in your pipes.

4. Rice and Pasta

Rice and pasta both absorb water and will continue to do so, even after being cooked. A small amount of either stuck inside a drainpipe can cause a major clog.

5. Coffee Grounds

Coffee grounds can get stuck in pipe elbows and work their way into fittings. Not only can they eventually cause drainage problems, but they can also create leaks.

6. Paper Towels, Feminine Hygiene Products, Disposable Diapers

Paper and cotton products are not meant to be flushed down the toilet and will cause clogs if you do.

7. Produce Stickers

Even a little bit of stickiness on the sticker can cause it to stick to the inside of the pipes, as well as to attract other things that are being put down the drain.

8. Eggshells

Eggshells easily stick together when exposed to oils, fats, and grease inside drainpipes, leading to drainage problems and clogs.

The best solution is to dispose of these items correctly, by composting food items and putting disposable paper products in the trash.

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